Stephen Waiganjo, Director, Global African Artwork

Several commercial dynamics have arisen in the world of trade in Arts and Craft. More than ever before, Global African Artwork is placing artisans at the heart of their strategy. Most of the arts and crafts are made by International Indigenous communities. Indigenous Peoples lack the capital and access to decision-making forums to demand a voice at the art and craft trade table and ensure that their best interests are represented. This has meant that they have continued to languish in poverty yet their artisans work and products are of immense value and demand the world over.

We have taken up fair trade which is acting as a leverage and avenue of ensuring that these artisans receive a fair deal in the sale of their artisan products. We enlist artisans in our organization and enable them to sell their products so that they can live a dignified and decent life. Our work on the front lines of advocacy and the practice of Fairtrade with international Indigenous communities is predicated on the World Fair Trade Organizations tenets. Our programming works inform Indigenous people of their rights, issues and threats affecting their communities in the trade of arts and crafts. We believe Indigenous Peoples have the power and solutions to solve many of today’s problems when respected and empowered to do so. With the arrival of the internet and e-commerce, we are adopting a more fair trade entrepreneurial stance, and re-thinking both our organizational principles and the concept of market territory.

Global African Artwork was established in Kenya as a Non-profit organization with an objective to promote, support, protect, maintain and increase the export of handcrafts and artwork from the indigenous marginalized artisans. We have managed to project our image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality handcrafts goods & artworks while observing international standards and specification. We have created necessary infrastructure as well as marketing and information facilities, which are availed both by the artisans, customers, members, employees, exporters and importers.

Global African Artwork is run and managed by team of professionals headed by Executive Director. The Board of management consists of eminent handicraft exporters and professionals. It has a rarest distinction of being considered as Non-profit fair trade organization that is self-sustaining and where all the promotional activities are self-financed. It has emphasized the need to instill in their staff both a daring and strategic attitude, as well as the capacity to create and seize opportunities and to manage arts and crafts projects on a global level over the long term.

Global African Artwork has continued in pursuit of excellence with the objective of achieving the hallmark of quality assurance by extending excellent services to all the customers, artisans, partners, members and stake holders.

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