African Mauritian woman in attire

About Us

The Global African Artwork is like a Not-for-profit ‘museum’, a global art supermarket able to provoke minds to explore and link with the world at large.

The Global communities from whom these inspired Art is crafted have artistic visionary sense to a large degree embracing “Art appreciation”, and they are able to capture and connect in absentia the mindset of those visiting Global African Artwork. The artisans’ products are covered by beauty and mystery that they represent. Every repeat visit to African Global Artwork focusing on the same social object yet elicits more enthusiasm to study and learn more. The objects have a life of their own.

They are designed with skilful dexterity passed on in most cases form knowledgeable sages to current generations with love. They are made of local materials (usually native or recycled).

Our trade in these objects not only improves the lives of the makers and their communities by improving their standards of living through the proceeds from a fair global market practice but also promotes some form of cultural exchange.

We represent a channel through which you can become part of the Global cultural story by paying us a visit. Cultural exchange is an aspect of globalization. After all global culture is bigger than us.

Handwork is also entrenched in embroideries for animals

Camel with embroidered saddle in front of Egyptian pyramid
Picture of camel with hand worked saddle infront of an Eqyptian Pyramid

Every object just like the calabash pot and wire motorbike bespeaks provocatively because of their ability to spark conversation; they are social objects.

Calabash pot from Kenya
African clay pot from Kenya
Wire motorbike

Beneficiaries of Global African Art

Global African Artwork influences the lives of millions of people all over the world because we practice 10 principles of Ethical business practice. We enable;

Beneficiaries of Global African Art- women, children, disabled and mixed race

Ethics at Global Africa Artwork

To ensure ethics at every step in our dealings with the business community we institute;